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Overview of the program:

Overview program


Final version of the full program:

Full program


This is the final version of the program book. Last minute changes, as compared to the program that was sent by email (10 May):

  • Changes in title, abstracts, and presenters for symposium S13 on Wednesday 15 hrs. Correct title: ‘Children’s social adjustment.’ See pdf for abstracts and presenters
  • Changes in title, abstract, presenter for symposium S9 on Wednesday 9.15 hrs. Marieke Buil is now presenting ‘What Would Wendy Want? The Development of Social Mindfulness in Children.’ See pdf for the abstract.
  • Changes in abstract by Simona Sankalaité (symposium S6 on Tuesday 15:15 hrs – see pdf)
  • Changes in affiliation Martina Zaharieva



Organising committee
Helle Larsen
Brenda Jansen
Ana da Silva Pinho
Scarlett Slagter



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